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Fire Doors

In recent years’ fire protection has become the norm in a workplace. In 2015/16, there were 303 fire related fatalities in this country and 7,661 casualties in fires. RCS’ fire door complies to strict health and safety legislation and is certified and tested to act as a barrier for up to four hours. It is tested to a maximum clear opening size of 7 x 7m or 50m2. If you want to find out more about testing and accreditations get in touch today.


All fire doors can be equipped with an audio-visual warning panel (AVFDI), which alerts persons in proximity on receipt of a fire alarm, or mains failure. After a delay (customisable), the door will close. In addition, you can install an audio-visual repeater/slave panel too, which mimics an AVFDI, to sound caution from both sides of the door.

Fc options:

The Fc1 is made using 50mm flat or 76mm concave lath. It acts as a barrier against fire, adds security and has an unobtrusive appearance, making it the ideal solution for most workplace premises including hospitals, restaurants and schools. The Fc1 is driven by a single phase tube motor; which reflects a more economical door but limits usage to 2–4 times per day. It must be installed with a battery back-up (UPS) in case of power failure or electrical fire, and either a basic FDI panel or an AVFDI panel to connect to the alarm.

Fc2 doors use inline motors meaning they can be both single and three phase. The Fc2 is constructed using 76mm concave lath. It has various operating options and can be activated by solenoid1 and fusible link2.

An FCi has a host of features and benefits. It has a fire rating of up to four hours and a double skin curtain for increased security. FCi’s lath is 100mm and uses a flame retardant rock wool insert. It also uses inline motors meaning they can be both single and three phase. An FCi’s benefits go beyond fire safety and security; it minimises thermal transmittance and noise transfer, which add up to a healthier looking energy bill. It has various operating options and can be activated by solenoid1 and fusible link2.

1The solenoid is activated on receipt of a 24VDC signal from the building fire management system. A signal prompts this solenoid to release the disengagement plunger, which releases the motor break.

2Fusible links are temperature sensitive release mechanisms. If the ambient temperature reaches the point where the eutectic alloy in the link melts, the door will release, restricting the spread of fire or smoke. The melting point of the alloy can be engineered to release at temperatures between 135F/57C and 500F/260C.

Gareth Greasby; APT Security Shutters Ltd

"RCS produce a wide range of doors to APT. All products are manufactured to the highest standard, and we cannot over-emphasise the personal and professional approach of the sales team, and their aftersales care. All in all a highly recommended supplier."

Dan Hutt; Anglia Door Systems Ltd

"Anglia Door Systems Ltd are pleased to have a built and maintained a strong relationship with RCS, based on trust, and their ability to manage our customer needs to the very highest standards. Thanks to this partnership RCS have helped us develop our product portfolio to aid our planned growth."

Ed Stevens; Access Gates & Shutters

“We have been using RCS for several years and in that time, they have never let us down or said, “sorry we cannot accommodate this”, or “we cannot manufacture such a door”. They have a very good understanding of all their products, and their manufacturing quality; delivery times and cost is second to none. We therefore look forward to, and anticipate many more years of the same quality service.”

Wayne Mallinson; Industrial Door Solutions

“From our initial meeting with Nick (Account Manager), to our most recent product delivery, RCS Doors has been a pleasure to work with. The knowledge, and understanding of our requirements allows everything to run smoothly. The process is relaxed, and the result is professional. I can highly recommend RCS Doors and look forward to continuing our relationship with Nick and his team.”

Giles Farrington; GB Entrance Engineering Ltd

“Our business with RCS has grown considerably in a short space of time and throughout this, their professionalism and service has never faltered. Delivery speeds and competitive pricing is paramount in our industry, and RCS assist in every way possible to ensure our customers’ expectations are met."

Lee Roper; Bolton Gate Services

“RCS is our approved supplier of industrial doors and spares due to their outstanding product. Any new doors we order come with a full detailed drawing which our installation teams love, and their team are always on hand to help.”

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