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What are your terms & conditions?

A full list of terms and conditions are available on request. They are also sent out alongside all orders placed. We are currently updating them and they will be readily available to download straight from our website.


Do doors come with a warranty?

There isn’t an exact warranty placed on each category of door, due to the various options within each; and these influence different characteristics and safety ratings. It is then that we determine what level of warranty is given to a door. A warranty is only effective if our approved service schedule is maintained.


What is the average lead time on a door?

An enviable logistics programme enables us to deliver product efficiently and at a price unrivalled by our competitors. All our doors are bespoke-made to our customers’ order. A lead time is determined by size and type of door, delivery (and location) or collection, finish options, and multiples of door. If you get in touch with our sales team, they will happily provide an estimated lead time on a door.


What are your delivery charges?

Any delivery charge is done on a case by case basis due to varying contributing criteria order by order. We offer a £50 delivery on all mainland door orders that are scheduled into our existing logistics timetable. Therefore, if you require a reduced lead time, or an early delivery, for which we would need to arrange alternative transport, or use a courier, there will be a delivery charge attached. This charge would be influenced by courier cost, distance and notice time.


What is the ordering process?

We operate a very simple six-step order process; firstly, call/email our sales team with your specification; secondly, receive an email quote; then place an order by sending over a purchase order number; next, we will create a detailed technical drawing for approval; then feedback any amends or sign the drawing off, and receive confirmation of delivery date; and lastly, your door will be put into manufacture.

What does your quality control consist of?

All steps in our manufacture process are compared against a checklist. If there are eight different phases to your door (lath, barrel, canopy etc.), each will have an in-process inspection when complete. Then there is a final check, conducted by the technical team, before any door or part leaves our facility.


Do you manufacture the doors in-house?

We absolutely do! We are ‘Made in Britain’ members and take great pride in our manufacturing process. We are un-willing to jeopardise any quality in our products by out-sourcing aspects of manufacture; we want to keep it right here, so that we can ensure each door and part is as good as the last.

What accreditations and testing does RCS carry?

We are full members of dhf, the trade association for industrial and garage doors – with a mission to raise the standards in the industry. We adhere to current CE marking legislation and whether or not the validity of such conformities diminish post-Brexit, we will continue to work to these standards and beyond. Recently we became members of ‘Made in Britain’, who celebrate the manufacture and engineering of British-made goods. We are audited and certified to ISO 9001:2015 by QEC (UKAS accredited) -read more about this here.


Are your doors safe?

RCS considers safety to be paramount in every product we manufacture. Each door follows strict guidelines to be readily-equipped for the purpose it will serve. We operate in an ever-developing industry where rules and legislations are constantly evolving to keep us safe. We dedicate vast time and resources to ensure we are consistantly up-to-date with these.

Our own MD, Steven Kenny, is vice-chairman of the Industrial Door Group of dhf (the industry trade body) and has been an active campaigner in promoting health and safety standards in the industry.

We have attached a link here to dhf’s safety notices so that you can read in-depth, situation-specific laws and legislations: dhfonline.org.uk/publications/safety–security/6.htm.