27 January 2020

Are you buying compliant fire shutters?

It has long been a legal requirement to CE mark fire shutters to BS EN 13241, and since the 1st November 2019 it has also been mandatory to comply in full with BS EN 16034 for products with declared fire resisting and/or smoke control characteristics.

Many requirements have changed and simply having a furnace test in accordance with BS EN 1634 is no longer enough to declare conformity of a product.  Only once a manufacturer has successfully completed a full Factory Production Control Audit and received their Extended Application Assessment Report issued by a UKAS notified body are they able to CE Mark and supply a product compliant with BS EN 16034.

Supplying, purchasing or installing a non-CE marked life safety product such as a fire shutter could result in penalties for all parties – not just the manufacturer. Such penalties can include large fines, imprisonment or costly full-scale product recalls.

With the tragic scale of the Grenfell incident directly identified as the result of poor-quality design, non-conforming materials and failure to adhere to regulation, the importance of compliance in the fire safety product market has been highlighted and is more important than ever.

We are aware of many companies willing to supply non-compliant doors. Putting themselves, but more importantly you and your client, at risk for profits… don’t take the risk

Make sure you have the correct product for the job and be sure your fire shutters comply with the latest regulations!

For further independent information contact The Door and Hardware Federation, visit their website: or download their publication “Changes to CE Marking of Fire and Smoke Resisting Industrial Doors”:

Or contact our technical sales team at RCS on 0800 955 8013.