19 December 2019

RCS Doors optimistic despite Brexit fears.

After many discussions surrounding the potential impact of Brexit, and many businesses feeling the pressure, we are confident in a bright future and have been celebrating our overseas growth in 2019.

RCS Doors has been manufacturing a large portfolio of doors ranging from domestic garage doors to large industrial roller shutters since 1999. Our vision is to provide customers with the highest quality products, designed and crafted by expert manufacturers in our Rawtenstall facility.

When Brexit was first announced, many feared the vote to leave would lead to a decline across manufacturing businesses, but we believe this isn’t the case at all. The opening of trade with other countries and currency depreciation, alongside fears of a slowing marketing in the UK, is a unique opportunity for businesses.

We have always believed that British manufacturing has a strong reputation for quality across the globe, and to strengthen this belief we are extremely proud to display the ‘Made in Britain’ logo.

RCS Doors adheres to current CE marking legislations and whether or not the validity of such conformities diminish post-Brexit, we will continue to work to these standards and beyond.

We have vast experience in managing orders, ranging from domestic garage doors to the largest industrial openings, not only in the United Kingdom, but also internationally. With over 12 months experience in export packaging and paperwork and a rapidly growing portfolio of conventional and specialist doors, RCS are proving themselves to be a confident partner when it comes to dealing with overseas orders in a simple and hassle-free manner.